This blog is about life, love & design.

This blog is about life, love and design. I'm an interior design student on a journey of discovery. Come enjoy the ride...

Friday, 8 April 2011

6 random things i love to 'like'

In theory i'm on holiday at the moment, but I've actually been hard at work painting other people's homes. I have had my own paint techniques business for some years now...and my love for painting has waxed and waned over the years. My love for the vast array of products out there has grown top 2 are:
  • Fired earth: Brushed much of awesome-ness!
  • Fired earth: Suede
Both are available exclusively from Builders Express & Builders Warehouse.

Perfume: current 'like' is Versace: Versense. Mmmmm..yum. Packaging is great too.

Apple Mac's: although my beautiful macbook grew legs and someone removed it from my humble abode. Not impressed!

David Rees Photography. Official photographer to the 2011 Bates Reeve Wedding. This is my year folks. Check out his website:

Glenbrynth Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. Available exclusively through OTI Africa.

Nigella. Yum.
Her website is great for picking up last minute recipes..maybe i'll post her old fashioned choc cake recipe here soon. I'll give it a whirl first, take pics and post em.

On the website they feature daily recipes.
 Today: Mouclade..go check it out   
Perfect for the weekend!

Have a good weekend! Eat drink & make merry.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Scenic sumptuousness.

Chris Weylandts came up with the phrase.."South Africa: a country of scenic sumptuousness." Take a look at the Weylandts website, they've just done a revamp..and it looks really design-licious. In one of his articles he talks about artworks and how best to display them. For instance he suggests keeping the room's furniture and general colour palette quite understated, and choosing one or two pieces of remarkable artworks "that whisper in a foreign accent". An artwork doesn't need to be a painting on the wall, think out the box..find yourself a fantastic hanging pendant or floor lamp; even a chair...


Speaking of chairs... last year we were assigned to build a model of an iconic chair. Now I can't show you the model, but I can show you the concept boards for the chair. Chair: Miss Lacy chair by Philippe Starck.

Monday, 4 April 2011

"With love"

Walked into Con Amore in La Lucia mall this afternoon and felt like a kid in a candy store. There is an obvious love affair with texture and pattern in the store, with a glamorous.. slightly more subtle "Out of Africa' theme..which could go horribly kitsch in the wrong hands..but the creative minds behind the store have definitely succeeded. The end result is a store that is inviting, interesting and intriguing.

Con Amore: translated means 'with love', apt name for the brand. There are two stores, one in Kramerville (Jhb) and the second in La Lucia (KZN). They stock a variety of delectable items sourced from travels all over the world, specializing in furniture, décor accessories and lighting, garments and fashion accessories.

 Visit them at or visit their stand in the upcoming ECR House & Garden Show (24 June- 3 July 2011)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Pierre Cronje: furniture designer

Much to my excitement today i found out that our new lecturer, who will be joining us after the holidays..worked with and for Pierre Cronje, an astoundingly brilliant furniture designer based in Cape Town. I lived in Cape Town for a 2yr period a few years back, and his stores were always fascinating to wander around. And drool.

Some clients want perfection, but art cannot be perfect and perfection isn't art - between the two there is a place of natural beauty that I seek.

~ Pierre Cronje
Visit their website
Pierre Cronje was recently involved in the expansion of the La Motte experience - La Motte Redefined. He worked in collaboration with Christo Barnard, of Christiaan Barnard Interiors and Design and was responsible for refurbishing a number of elements of the project; including The Farm Shop.
Also visit
The man himself

An example of his artistry

I have an upcoming trip this month planned for Cape Town, maybe I should combine my love for CT, wine and design..and go visit La Motte with camera in hand. Watch this space!