This blog is about life, love & design.

This blog is about life, love and design. I'm an interior design student on a journey of discovery. Come enjoy the ride...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Elle decor Compo

Well I promised an update on the Elle Decor Competition if or when i heard some it is.

I'M ONE OF THE FOUR FINALISTS! This is a big deal as it's only open to registered design students, of which close to 200 entered. And the first prize is fantastic exposure for my name: my stool design will be produced and sold in Boardmans nationwide..with my name emblazoned on it!

Sooo keep fingers crossed...i have to present my stool and myself to a panel of judges down in CT literally days before the wedding. Imagine winning first spot for a wedding present!! Awwwwesome stuff.
The 4 finalist's stool designs will be in the end of Nov issue of Elle Decor don't forget to get an issue and check them out.