This blog is about life, love & design.

This blog is about life, love and design. I'm an interior design student on a journey of discovery. Come enjoy the ride...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Elle decor Compo

Well I promised an update on the Elle Decor Competition if or when i heard some it is.

I'M ONE OF THE FOUR FINALISTS! This is a big deal as it's only open to registered design students, of which close to 200 entered. And the first prize is fantastic exposure for my name: my stool design will be produced and sold in Boardmans nationwide..with my name emblazoned on it!

Sooo keep fingers crossed...i have to present my stool and myself to a panel of judges down in CT literally days before the wedding. Imagine winning first spot for a wedding present!! Awwwwesome stuff.
The 4 finalist's stool designs will be in the end of Nov issue of Elle Decor don't forget to get an issue and check them out.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

SDC Community project_ Jes Foord Foundation

Every year Style Design College takes on a community oriented project, uplifting, renovating or in some way giving a hand to those in need.
This year, 2nd year interior design is renovating a counselling centre near Westville, in association with the Jes Foord Foundation.

If there is anyone..who can give us a hand with funding or sponserships, even carpentry...please let me know! And spread the word!

Email me:

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Durban divine

Durban's weather at the moment is somewhat glorious. Yes.. its still winter, (according to the calendar)..but the last few days have been sublime. It's been warm and balmy, a slight breeze...and when there's work to be done..nothing is more excruciating than being cooped up inside! Which is where i've been. :(

Fahrenheit Design featured high on the list of stresses today. We presented an entertainment design space to 2 members of the Fahrenheit of which: the owner. Overall i think we did our college proud...

My design concept centres around weddings...providing a venue which happens to boast fantastic views of the Durban beachfront. When not used for matrimonial purposes the venue changes into a vintage style eatery...reminiscent of "Home"..for those who remember it!
Below are examples of my design boards. Feel free to comment!

And signage details..incorporating event poster ideas for the opening of the venue.

Check out Fahrenheit's website for more info.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Design work update

Been quite busy with wedding plans, house stuff, design work. Time to show you some fruits....

These were my final concept and perspective boards sent through for the Elle Decor competition. I was really impressed with the amount of work and design quality put forth by my fellow classmates. I would hate to be part of the judging team !

The next two pics were found whilst researching for a community based project...couldn't resist saving them!


One more for good measure....

i ♥ market this weekend!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Week wind-down!

Going through my mail i came across a post from another blogsite: the purple calabash. And it happened to feature my favourite food item. *Pizza*
Particularly a bacon and avo pizza..heaven in a slice! can resist a pizza that looks this good.


You can find the recipe here:

Saturday, 9 July 2011

All4Women - Have you heard of soapnuts?


Ever heard of them? Hint: nothing to do with nuts!

I read about them on my newsletter this morning.

Soapnuts are actually berries which can be used in any number of ways - most commonly as a natural washing detergent.
The product is organic, 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, all natural and can be placed in your compost heap after use.
This means you can cut out the chemicals contained in commercial washing powder - great for those who want to be environmentally friendly, as well as for those who have sensitive skin, eczema and allergies.

Can also be used in the following ways:
*shampoo/body wash
*pet shampoo
*mosquito repellent
*Even toothpaste and more!

To find out more and purchase, visit
Or read the newsletter:

Friday, 8 July 2011

Sticky yummy weekend comfort...Belfield and Nigella style!

Nigella Lawson can always be counted on to provide comfort food for the depths of Winter or the delights of Summer. Unfortunately for us, in not-so-perfectly-sunny-SA at the moment..its the chilly depths of Winter.

Soooo naturally my favourite comfort food in Winter has to be yummy..sticky...moreish and the following recipe ticks all those boxes.

If you like you can even share this dish with someone special...but that's optional!


Looks good doesn't it...just needs a glass of wine.

I'm sure we've got a spare bottle of Belfield somewhere...

Belfield is a small boutique wine estate in Elgin, Western Cape producing exceptional quality red wine. Personal favourites are Magnifica and Aristata, both named after varietals of our national flower ..the Protea. Yum yum yum.

Enjoy the weekend everyone..keep warm and savour every moment of each minute. Cos if not... Monday will arrive before you blink!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Elle decor competition

The brief: Design a stool
Our judges will be looking for a contemporary design that avoids being generic, fussy or complicated. It must meet the following criteria:
*structurally sound
*original and showing ingenuity
*Sustainability is an advantage

Competitions like this are always exciting..getting the creative juices flowing..and seeing what others in the industry come up with. From what i've seen so far..this is gonna be awesome.
My stool design is steeped in KZN culture and ecology. Although the competition brief states we need not make a prototype of the stool..the college has tasked us to do just that. Have to say: pretty happy with the outcome! ;)
You will have to wait until the deadline closes to see pics though. Only fair...

Check out the Elle Decor site when you have a moment...
It's a phenomenal resource for all things design related. I'll pick my favourites over the next few days to showcase...first up. Local supplier of vinyl wall art..various sizes, designs and colours, or custom designed.
Really whatever your heart (or walls) can have it!

Lastly: happy 4th of July everyone! And happy birthday Tom C.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Catch up time!

The past couple months have sped by in a dizzy crazed blur. So instead of boring you with long lengthy explanations of where i've been and what i've been up to...rather check out my new slideshow of pics! There's images that i love... find inspiration in, then there's pics of work i've done, compos entered and places travelled to. Oh, and the odd wedding related idea. Enjoy :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

6 random things i love to 'like'

In theory i'm on holiday at the moment, but I've actually been hard at work painting other people's homes. I have had my own paint techniques business for some years now...and my love for painting has waxed and waned over the years. My love for the vast array of products out there has grown top 2 are:
  • Fired earth: Brushed much of awesome-ness!
  • Fired earth: Suede
Both are available exclusively from Builders Express & Builders Warehouse.

Perfume: current 'like' is Versace: Versense. Mmmmm..yum. Packaging is great too.

Apple Mac's: although my beautiful macbook grew legs and someone removed it from my humble abode. Not impressed!

David Rees Photography. Official photographer to the 2011 Bates Reeve Wedding. This is my year folks. Check out his website:

Glenbrynth Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. Available exclusively through OTI Africa.

Nigella. Yum.
Her website is great for picking up last minute recipes..maybe i'll post her old fashioned choc cake recipe here soon. I'll give it a whirl first, take pics and post em.

On the website they feature daily recipes.
 Today: Mouclade..go check it out   
Perfect for the weekend!

Have a good weekend! Eat drink & make merry.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Scenic sumptuousness.

Chris Weylandts came up with the phrase.."South Africa: a country of scenic sumptuousness." Take a look at the Weylandts website, they've just done a revamp..and it looks really design-licious. In one of his articles he talks about artworks and how best to display them. For instance he suggests keeping the room's furniture and general colour palette quite understated, and choosing one or two pieces of remarkable artworks "that whisper in a foreign accent". An artwork doesn't need to be a painting on the wall, think out the box..find yourself a fantastic hanging pendant or floor lamp; even a chair...


Speaking of chairs... last year we were assigned to build a model of an iconic chair. Now I can't show you the model, but I can show you the concept boards for the chair. Chair: Miss Lacy chair by Philippe Starck.

Monday, 4 April 2011

"With love"

Walked into Con Amore in La Lucia mall this afternoon and felt like a kid in a candy store. There is an obvious love affair with texture and pattern in the store, with a glamorous.. slightly more subtle "Out of Africa' theme..which could go horribly kitsch in the wrong hands..but the creative minds behind the store have definitely succeeded. The end result is a store that is inviting, interesting and intriguing.

Con Amore: translated means 'with love', apt name for the brand. There are two stores, one in Kramerville (Jhb) and the second in La Lucia (KZN). They stock a variety of delectable items sourced from travels all over the world, specializing in furniture, décor accessories and lighting, garments and fashion accessories.

 Visit them at or visit their stand in the upcoming ECR House & Garden Show (24 June- 3 July 2011)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Pierre Cronje: furniture designer

Much to my excitement today i found out that our new lecturer, who will be joining us after the holidays..worked with and for Pierre Cronje, an astoundingly brilliant furniture designer based in Cape Town. I lived in Cape Town for a 2yr period a few years back, and his stores were always fascinating to wander around. And drool.

Some clients want perfection, but art cannot be perfect and perfection isn't art - between the two there is a place of natural beauty that I seek.

~ Pierre Cronje
Visit their website
Pierre Cronje was recently involved in the expansion of the La Motte experience - La Motte Redefined. He worked in collaboration with Christo Barnard, of Christiaan Barnard Interiors and Design and was responsible for refurbishing a number of elements of the project; including The Farm Shop.
Also visit
The man himself

An example of his artistry

I have an upcoming trip this month planned for Cape Town, maybe I should combine my love for CT, wine and design..and go visit La Motte with camera in hand. Watch this space!

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Recent Decorex show: Trends & Tastes

Soooo..much has been happening in the land of good, some not so good. As a result pics of the recent Decorex show in Durban got waylaid. But here are 2 from the entrance to the the colours and general feel of playfulness.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The first day of the first month.

Welcome to my life, my loves and designs. On this blog I'm going to be introducing you to what makes me tick, what gets my creative juices flowing, as well as the end designs. Feel free to jump onboard...